Saturday, March 07, 2015



I get up and do my washing, and then move the bookcase from the top of the stairs. Then my parent come round. My mom as its a nice day starts working in the garden. I join her to add to apple tree one and


plant apple tree two next to the Buddha and


apple tree three next to the garage.


It is sunny and nice so we sit outdoor for a while and enjoy the fresh air.


Indoors my dad is fitting that carpet. Its hard to know what to say about the pattern, but the smell of new carpet is refreshingly nice. Even better is the fact the wooden flooring under the original carpet is okay and not rotten!


A time later it is finished and the bookcase is back in place.


I also finally mount that mirror on the wall that has been at the top of the staircase since ever. Which is where I was going to hang it, but I guess I can get another.


This works here and bounces the light as I want it.


I take my mom and brother shopping, to give my dad a rest. I need nothing as I’ve eat very little all week. Somehow though I spend £52! Well part of that was buying some half decent cutlery that the handles don’t drop off! Bloody Aldi stuff.


My brother comes back to mine and is looking foreward to a curry. I get my dad to drop us off in Chadsmore and we head into the Nest. The best option here is Amstel. Really. So we have a beer here and move on.


As we walk into the center of Chadsmore the next pub we come to is The Duck


Interestingly they have many taps, but no beer apart from, Carling, Worthington and Guiness. I have a Worthington and my brother a Newcastle Brown. They have posters here too saying beer is £2 on Tuesday and Thursday. Hell I thought, at the Piped Piper it was £2.25 everyday. This place is rammed. But why/


We leave and go to the Indulge Restaurant. I ask and of course they are not licenced. And like every curry house here, across the road is an Off Licence. We pick up Orangeboom and the shop owner has a chat with us for some 15 minutes.


Eventually though we are back, seated and ordered.


The starters came, both Chilli Panneer and ooooh lovely it was too.


Then the proprer food came. Wow, wow, wow.


And it tasted as good as it looked.


The nans, perfect.


And for me, mine came in a balti dish, so it couldn’t be better than that.


Dinner was supper and delicious, a dream of a meal


And the bill inoffencive.


We walk the long walk home, and I tell me brother that he’s in the back room. Well that was nice, that maybe my second favourite place in Chadsmore after the Benglishi.

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