Friday, March 27, 2015

Its like having a kettle on permanently


I wake up this morning at 6am. And so I get out of bed and have a leisurely shower. Today is mufti so there is no need for the shirt and tie as usual.


Some days are nicer than others, well in the morning. Up early and ready to leave the door this morning, not like most. When I started that new way of getting to work, you know the one, the walk, the catching the train, I thought I knew that I would only do it for a short time, the time it took before it got cold and rainy. Today though as I step out of the door into the outside world of humanity and crime, I breath the fresh air from the chase into my lungs and look forward to the walk, and look forward for the warmer lighter mornings that are ahead. Do I miss going to work in the car? Only when it rains. And as I walk down the hill and into the centre, there is a start of a busselling day, the outside street market is setting up and the market stall holders are ready to greet their customers.


And that first customer of course is me.


I walk on to the station.


Once at Walsall I take the time to have closer look at the article I had brought. Yep this will do fine, a second purple duvet cover for when I wash the sheets.


I also get another railcard pass as its that time of the month.


Its a busy day at work as usual, and dinner time comes so quickly. Three of us head to the chip shop, no salad for me today. And then we eat in the office and chat, it is nice, it is friendly. It is nice, it is lovely and all because I had mine covered in chilli sauce.


Back at home I get the duvet cover out and try it on the bed. But what I didn’t notice when I brought it was,


Its actually got two designs! Yep now isn’t that neat! And for only a tenner.


For tonight's entertainment I’m going to be an electrician and change the under floor heating controller for the stairs hallway floor, so out of the box


Now I wasn’t expecting a new temperature probe to come with it.


I flip it over and consider the connections.


Then I got to the fuse board and


switch UFH hall to off.


Then I go to the fused spur point and switch that off.


And also remove the fuse in it.


I shouldn’t die now.


And so off with the odl control unit.


And then remove the back section where


the wires all connect.


I swop the wires from one to the other.


Put the new back board in


and mount the control unit.


In with the fuse.


it takes a good push


Then the circuit breaker is powered back up.


And on with the switch.


And would you know it, it fires up.


I have a read of its settings and then let it warm up. Slowly they floor gets warmer just like the control unit says.


And with that I read the manual and how electric under floor heating is simply the best and most efficient way to heat your home. But how can that be, its like having a kettle on permanently?

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