Sunday, March 22, 2015

Its not just any black


I wake up early again this morning. Knowing my mom would like to go to Wolverhampton I give her a call and tell her I’ll be round shortly.


I make a sausage sandwich and which as another Aldi knife breaks


When I get round my parents, she still is not ready, the cat however is happy to see me.


Last week she was positively not talking to me.


Today though there is nowhere she would rather be.


We head into the peaceful Wolverhampton and go into Marks and Spencer first. This store like most of their stores is dull and uninspiring. They obviously choose their managers well. It doesn’t make me want to shop here, it doesn’t make me want to spend money. I come though to get some new shoes. I need new shoes and I know they do some I like, having been in the Walsall more interesting shop experience. More to the point I have £50 of vouchers, so that went some way to paying for them. Lets hope they are comfy.


We head into Thornton's and buy 13 odd easter eggs, and then to Wilkos, were I do some shopping, like getting mouth wash for 70 pence instead of £3 for Listerine.


We head back home and collect my brother and dad and then go to the Rainbow for Sunday lunch. Oh yummy. Once full we head back to the parents.


I wash my car and then


redo the text on the tyres.


And then do my dads, and ponder, will he notice?


Or how long will it take him to notice?


I get my moms water feature working and then head back home. Where I put my M&S black shoes on


I unpack my shopping and


tidy up before


doing some more gardening before it got dark. I like my garden, it may not be great, but I like having it to mess with.


Inside I put up the rubbish light string I brought from Wilkos and settle in.


I decide to start the final heist on GTAV.



However it all goes wrong so I switch it off.


and instead I settle on the sofa to watch 50 Shades of Grey. Its lucky Alan wasn’t watching it as most of it was blue.

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