Saturday, March 21, 2015

Its worse than you can imagine


Its Saturday but for some reason my body has woke me up at the same time as if it was a work day. I get up and the plan of the weekend is to plaster and paint as much of the spare room as possible. I get some breakfast and as I look out side I see the yellow heads of the Daffs in the garden that have come up after planting them. I head out to get my hair cut, I take the MX5 its a nice day. On the way back I got to the butchers to get a months supply of good quality bacon and sausage.


I get home and my parents were not there yet. Odd that they said they would be here hours ago. I go in the spare room and check the finish now that there is natural light in there. There is the odd spot thats not great, but things are worse than you can imagine. There is a patch that doesn’t look right. I tap it and a patch of plaster comes of. I tap away making the patch bigger.


Its not good and will need a reskim once the body of filler has dried. I take the opportunity to do some other areas again which were not great.


I plaster on up the section I had not done either on the far side of the wall.


The dyson needs emptying, and washing. So it gets done. Where are the parents?


I give up with them and decide to do the rear hall carpet myself. so out with the carpet. I lay the old on the new and get the sharp knife out.


Of course what lies beneath the underlay is worrying. I pull it up and get the vacuum cleaner out. Under is some very thick clay tiles.


Sometime later the parents have turned up and I’ve nearly finished the the carpet.


And its looking good, clean and fresh. In fact the pattern is better down than when it was rolled up. I’m happy with it, my dad is happy with it, and he is impressed with my plastering.


I sort out a wire to the outside world.


Which was a pain but got done, and is tidier than it going through the letter box.


I reseal the rear door frame and also the bath plug hole.


My dad in the mean time has finish the carpet upstairs and I like it a lot.


The left over carpet I make a rug out of and put under my smaller settee. The parents leave to take my brother shopping. I give them a list to give him to do mine.


And whilst they are away, I go in the garage, put up a load of hooks I’ve had from Aldi for ages, and give it a tidy up, even though the end result doesn’t make it look any less tidy, but it is better. I also move the solar panel from the window and fix it to the roof.


That should keep the batteries better charged.


I tidy up and settle in for the night. My shopping arrived at some point and


I start putting it away. However things aren’t quiet right and for some reason I do not have original clover but this nasty shit. And not one tub of it but two! Its worse than you can imagine though as I already have a tub of it!



Whilst I’m grateful he did my shopping I needed to emphasize that this clover is not the same as the proper stuff. I text him.


As I look through the fridge I decide on getting tea and I decide to do one of my shockingly hot chillis.


Ohh it looks so good, it smells so good.


And when I finally get to eat it, it tastes so good too. I put on 4OD to watch the new Big Bang Theory that's been aired and embarrassingly I fall asleep during it. When I open my eyes I go to bed, happy.

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