Thursday, March 05, 2015

My brain is bored


I get up today, for the first time properly. I have a bad cold in my chest still and an earning to sort out a doctors that is close by. I read the many reviews on the NHS website and plumb for the nearest. I give them a call and are told that she needs to ask the doctor if he’ll accept me and to call back tomorrow.


I am bored and of all the things I decide to have a go out I decide to clean the floor. You see that grouting well, its too black. I get out the steam cleaner and the cillect bang and its gone.


After a while I realise that the steam cleaner looks like it doing something, but in fact its the cillet bang that's doing it all.


So I turn off the stream cleaner and just use cillet bang and a sponge. By the end it looks like this.


Well if I’m considering going to work tommorrow I thought it may be worth trying to go out somewhere first. So I took the MX5 for a spin to Aldi in Hednesford. Where I brought a whole lot of stuff I didn’t need and these missionary drill bits. Will they melt through the old bricks like butter or not?


I get home and relax. I do nothing once more other than sleep, that is until it time for tea, and for once I’m hungry.


So I make myself a pasta meal and as usual way too much.


However this is my first proper food all week, and my body is saying yes please eat, so it is so good.


The evening drift by and I go to bed. That is all there is to say, because cleaning that floor wore me out.

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