Sunday, March 08, 2015

Picking The Locks


Sunday, and I’m very tired so I have a lie in. Eventually though I get up and get us both breakfast. I decide its the time to try changing a window lever. You see I have keys for all the back windows, but none for the front, so everytime I open one I have to pick the lock. The then lock it and pick it closed. There simple locks so not that hard, but a pain.


So I brought a new lever complete with lock and key that “should” fit.


So I unlock the original so you can get at the fastening screw and


fit the new one. And yes it fits and yes it locks. And so I order another 6.


And for the afternoon I tidy up the TV area, and sort out the optic feed between the PS4, PS3, PS2 to the hifi. Sometime later we are


playing the excellent Alien Isolation. If only it was dark.


I’m worn out so I let my brother finish the job of playing and lie on the settee once more thinking what should I get Alan for his birthday.

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