Sunday, March 15, 2015

Randomly Its Christmas


So Santa retweeted my latest youtube video, although most people won’t understand the title, and its not my latest video but one I did around Christmas but I could not post at the time for obvious reasons to some. Click the picture above to watch it. Perhaps the most classy bit is the beginning and the fact my moto X would not understand me on so many occasions.


Today I went in the spare spare room and after moving all my retro console stuff changed port to


red and thats better. Warm and bright.


And after that I started to do some of the plastering too.


One went the smoothover, and this wall is worse than it originally looked.


With a good skim over all it needs is sanding down, You can see how uneven the surface is by the blotchiness patches,


I tried that Diall stuff instead and I can say it is a waste of money compared to the polycell smoothover. Its near impossible to use and most of it ends up on the floor. I gave it a go here and


here. But I can see I have wasted my money. I may well pervasive with it but never again,.


So I cleaned the floor up and


closed the door for another day of second coat and a lot of sanding, I'm ready for bed again, this bug is doing my body in,

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