Friday, March 06, 2015

Red Lion


I go to work, I take the car, there’s no way I can walk to the station and survie a day at work. At dinner time I treat myself to dinner in the canteen, I have ham, egg and chips which comes to £3.70. What I can say was, it was very nice, especially the large chunk of ham that was served up. I could have done with double the chips mind. At dinner time I also call the doctors surgery and he’s happy to take me on. They are open until 18:30 so tell them I will fill the form in on my way home. I get home park the car up and then head down towards the hospital. There are two surgeries located here and when I visit the Red Lion Surgery I find out it wasn’t originally located here, but recently had to move from their original premises. The arrangement with the hospital though is apparently a very mutual agreement with the hospital both are very happy about, and for me its convenient, and for me to have my first walk around the hospital here that I walk past every day.


I get home and cook some tea, another pasta tea, and I have cooked way too much, but this time I get my tupa wear out and put some in the fridge for another day. Well I’m worn out so I go to bed.

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