Thursday, March 26, 2015

Standing Up


When I got up this morning I thought of two things. When does my train pass finish, and I really ought to call Npower again about paying for that electricity. Another month has already passed.


I call them at dinner time and I’m on hold for the obligatory 20 minutes when some comes on the phone. For a change I do not have any details, so we have to go through making sure its me, I explain why I’m calling and then they simply respond, nope its not registered, your still registered on a pre pay meter, but it is noted down here you keep calling to try and pay. There is nothing that can be done until one day the meter gets registered. And so with that the call ends. So its official, electricity with npower is “free”. Terms and conditions apply, mainly them not registering the meter on their system. Now lets turn on all them lights.

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