Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sunshine On Leith


The parents are meant to come round in the morning, but as usual don’t turn up as arranged. I notice that at some point the pub has now been boarded up.


I notice this whilst replacing the window handles,


A nice easy job, and apart from one which took a lot of picking it went rather easily.


Of course the parents turned up whilst I was now mid way doing this. But I did get all my house work done whilst waiting.


We go to lunch at the Severn Stars, somewhere I’d not been for so many years I can not remember ever coming here. It has one of those kids sheds in the back.


And the food was good if nothing special. If anything what this place lacked was atmosphere.


Yum yum


and oh yes. From here we went shopping at Asda in Stafford. Notably I brought way too much stuff.In particular cheese. I brought loads of it, all different types.


On the way back home I stopped at B&Q, and bumped into Phil and Stu. I would have never noticed them, but luckily for me they came over and said hello, it was good to see them. I brought some red paint and also I was going to by some Polycell smooth over. What I brought though was B&Q’s own version. I thought I’d give it a try as it is so much cheaper, and ponder if it was going to be one of those mistakes.  Polycell Smothover is approximately £25 for 2.5L and this Diall is £25 for 5L. one ponders before giving the automated check out assistant a headache. But I was tired once more.


I get home and relax and put on a LoveFilm.


I go for Sunshine on Leith.


Now I’m beginning to think Alan has access to my Lovefilm account and is choosing films for me. I can’t say I would have chosen this. It if you can’t tell


is a musical. Luckily though I was in the mood for it and


it was good, it was entertaining and it was enjoyable.


and if anything, it all ended way too quickly.


Just like Moma Mia you just don’t want it to end.


It does though and before I go to bed


I put away the vacuum nozzle I had lost earlier and was hiding under a cushion on the sofa. Ah bed once more, I love to sleep still….

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