Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Elephant


I get up and after being ill yesterday I feel like a new person. A completely new person. I haven't felt this week for a couple of weeks. I walk via the town center today, past the church and


towards mill street.


An as I do my mind asks “what is that elephant actually about? Why an elephant in Cannock?”


I can’t think of a plasuable answer. Perhaps the circus came to town one day and the elephant escaped and went berserk.


I get on the train and today my brain wants feeding, not sleeping, so I open my book.


Its been a long time since I’d opened it and read a page, and the chapter I was at was a long on. But it was like it was yesterday, and I absorbed straight back from where I left.


For some reason Deadmanjones is trying to get me to apply for a new job. However there is a catch. They pay in sweets. This would also make me fat? What was he thinking.


I get home and there is some post for me. How nice next years council tax bill.


And with that I get painting the second coat.


up and down and round and round and up and down.


I then do some more plaster skimming, I’ve really watered down that cheaper stuff and too a point it works, not as well as the polycell stuff, but at least I’m going to be able to use it.


Although more ends on the floor than on the wall.


I even do a bit by the door.


This is going to take some sanding.


Time to start to pack up.


so I clean the floor up and


leave the messy room for the kitchen.


And for tea tonight I do a Chinese pork stir fry.


It smells so good, and tastes it too when its finished.


And with that I buy some flowers that are being shown on QVC, now about that elephant?

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