Wednesday, March 11, 2015



Another day at work, and one where as soon as I’m there I want to go home. I’m still tired even after two early nights. I’m still full of cold. I’m still shattered. But here I sit on a Turbostar Class 170.


I get off at Walsall and sit outside in the fresh air, or as fresh as you get in Walsall. I hope the fresh air will help, will wake me up.


I climb aboard the second train and open the Metro. It looks like Jeremy has been naughty again. What did they expect? I think maybe he has lost it, but why cancel the episodes. Why not just air them and not pay them, keep the fans happy. He’s looking so old now, perhaps it time to let someone new play, someone who would appreciate the opportunity. Someone who could entertain and educate. What ever did go so wrong with Top Gear, it used to be so informative, now? Now its, full of jokes and gags and nothing of reality. Nothing. I enjoy watching it don’t get me wrong, I’ve watched it since I was nine.


Before you know it, its time to be home, today I haven't done what I was meant to. You have to stay flexible, fluid, adapt. But sometimes it is frustrating at work. Tomorrow is going to be a different day completely.


And as I sit here waiting at Thame Bridge Parkway waiting my connecting train.


One of those TurboStar trains pulls in going south.


There is the exhaust system and there staring you in the face is


the turbo.


For some reason Matt shares with us a photo of him as an child. He’s not the one smile. That's his charming brother Andy. Oddly Izzy looks so like Matt. And with that I have another early night, I’m in bed by 7:45pm and asleep before eight I think.

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