Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Washing the Rugs


I walk from the station and see that big yellow sign shouting at me. There’s something you need not to forget. There’s something you need to do. Come on in and enjoy our wears. And so I did.


I called into Morrison's remembering that I’d run out of butter. And there on the shelf was the proper clover at half price. Yep at a quid a tub. So I took two. situation solved.


Well nearly, I still have this stuff lurking in the fridge.


I was in a funny mood last night, nothing much happening, nothing much doing, didn’t fancy watching the box, didn’t fancy playing PS3 again. I pondered what to do with myself that didn’t involve plastering. I collected the rugs, squeezed them into the washing machine and set it to a full cycle and to 60 degrees to wash the rugs clean.


That washing cycle went on and on and on and on and on. The rugs went round and round and so did my eyeballs. I picked up Girlfriend in a coma and ended up putting myself into one but under my duvet.

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