Monday, March 09, 2015

When the handles fall off…


So here we have my cutlery, from Aldi, to go with my red theme, and black, and white, and beige. Yep you can’t have too many colours in one room. This for some reason reminded me of the sketch, the one and only sketch,the fork sketch. That famous one, by two famous people, Anyway back to the cutlery. There isn’t many Aldi items I want to slag off but this is one. I don’t have a dishwasher, so they are not abused, but in less than six months, the plastic handle just drop off, literally just drop off at random. So time for a change already.


I went to George, George home, I got a good drill from there so I thought they might do cutlery as well to. I looked through their extensive collection and decided on these.


For two reasons, I like them, and I can afford them. And I suppose its unlike the handles will fall off. So this is them, a satin finish, with a bit of bling.


I love bling, so this is the draw, the bling cutlery draw.


I no I can’t just throw these in the bin. I need to hoard them, until I can work out what to do with them? I have nothing else to talk about tonight, I’m tired from the flue after effects and with this I’m off to bed to sleep.

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