Thursday, April 30, 2015



As I get off the chu chu and sit in the open green house I ponder if I have made the right decision, right now it doesn’t feel like it.


The sun is shining on me, and the warmth of the its power can be felt on my skin. It is only once more that I leave the glazed area that I feel that icy chill in the air the. Yes I have, if its that cold here it would be colder higher up. And by altering my plans of not going to the Lake District altered the plans that go on from there. For one I was now going out that night for a meal and quiz.


Of course as we got to 5pm London Midland had a very different idea of me being home by 6:30pm. And so I go and ask one of the girls if I can have a lift home. She said yeah not a problem and then went on to ask if I had seen the Peter Kay program last night? Nope I said I haven't I don't watch TV. Then remembered if it was the one about car sharing and pointed out I’d seen one of them on IPlayer on Sunday. She said yep the one about car sharing, and then she pointed out the girl in the car pee’ed on the bloke she was car sharing with. As it happens this was the one I’d seen and all I could say to this “what are you suggesting? Your going to pee on me on the way home?” This obviously got some sniggering from the “co-workers” in the background. Once everyone had settled down and was up and leaving we went to the car park. I was disappointed at first to find out she hadn’t brought her Porsche Boxster and but were in a normal tin car. She unlocked the doors and I got in and sat down and closed the door. I took a deep breath and could smell the intense rubber smell from the car matts and as she got in and closed the door I said" “erm rubber matts, always useful for when peeing on people”. As it happened she still took me home and we listened to Simon Mayho and his team titter on about sausages and wood and them not being able to stop giggle or us. At home I quickly got changed, changed the bed sheets and put the washing machine on.


Even though I had that dry ride home, I still turned up at the Bradford Arms late. Everyone one was there, but luckily the girl on the table next to them had pointed out that the trains had gone to pot from Birmingham to anywhere north bound. And hence they were in the know.


The Bradford Arms has an extensive menu and I’ve never not had a bad meal here. And today like Sunday I have pate. Only today I like the pate, and I’m hungery and its plentiful. Its nice its delicious.


And for mains I ordered a Steak and Ale pie. I expected it to not be a real pie, but to be in dish with a pastry lid. Now that does my head in, thats not a pie. What I get though is one stag further from the real truth of a pie. It comes on a plate, the filling that is, and then on the plentiful filling is the pastry lid. What I can say is that this steak and ale stew is truly tastefully delicious. I mean as in give me more more more more. Ahhhhh wonderful. So this time I can forgive them, but maybe they could just call it what it is?


And once our bellies where full we played the quiz and came second. It is a royal wee though as I would have not know most of them! Once I’m back home at midnight I put the bike rack on my car and decide its time for bed and I’ll pack in the morning.

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