Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Body Rubbing


AsI get ot the kitchen and look out, its raining. Now that sucks. It may be good for the plants, but its certainly going to get that grass growing that I mowed yesterday. Of course the real reason it sucks is because of the fact I’ve go to walk to the station.


It wasn’t that wet really, just very very very cold. I get a seat, some don’t, and open my book to Victorian times.


In the metro I read how the railway staff use planes and not trains, and I think they are hinting at something.


Whilst there is also a report on Clegg saying “don’t vote labour, don't vote conservatives, do vote Ukip. On the way home I get the train to Walsall, I go all the way to Walsall and once there, decide i need a big bang of crisps. I go to Marks and Spencer and consider them too expensive. I buy a pack on other at £1.60, I just couldn’t wait until Morrisons. I sat on a bench, on the platform, full of people, me next to a person on the phone, me munching away, merrily, me thinking she is thinking I wish he’d stop munching. I do but only when the packet is empty. I still there my fingers cold, my nose cold and I’m making that decision. It won’t be pleasant if we go? I want ot go though, I want to climb the Gabriel. For a moment my mind is taken off this and the cold chill, for a change the train is a two carriage train and we all know that means a lot of body rubbing, it pulls up and I prepare myself for some physical activity and sweaty bodies. That is if we can all squeeze on. Breath in and the doors close. Luckily I stand somewhere where someone wants to get off at the next stop. A bit more body rubbing and I’m in their seat – which they haven't even left yet.


At home I relax and call my brother, and ponder what he thinks, if he thinks about it. The outcome is it is postponed. Which leads onto another thing which I wonder if the offer is still open or not. I text them to see and add a wink. Mean while I call my parents as I’d like my other car back, they will come and so I wait. But I know I’m going to be waiting so I get some plaster out and get on with it.


So this could be it this could be repaired when dry.


And under the window sill is looking better now. I reskim a few areas in preparation for the big sand down one day.


I open my post and what has come is Another World on the Sega Mega drive, Two new batteries for my Ps3 controllers as they have gone dead and won’t recharge. and then the parents come.


We head back home and I have my tea there, talk to my dad about drills and carbon brushes and arrange to go out with them on Thursday night.


When I do go home I quickly nip up to retro room.


shove in the game ready to play.


here we go, some excitement, and with that Zoe texts back.


One thing has to be said, the graphics are poor, poorer than I remember!


shocking very shocking!

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