Friday, April 10, 2015

For this is how it ends?


Friday and I have eaten a big portion of the book away, I’m fascinated by it, this part three. But I don’t want to finish it just yet. So I put it away to finish at the weekend.


For dinner me and Matt go to the fish and chip shop and then sit in the park of gloom to eat it. I was only going to have chips but then I came out with chips and a kebab. Bad boy me.


For some reason I forgot to get off the train at Thame Bridge Parkway, which meant catching the second train at Walsall, never good, but on this occasion it was okay and go a seat. Miracle Friday?


At home we all know I should have got on with the plastering, you know finishing it off.


But instead I checked weather or not I was a sociopath. And with that result I decided


to play with a sociopath instead. It was time to end it.


For this is how it ends


As a group together.


And for me it was as good this time on the PS4 as the PS3, Thankyou Rockstar for this divine work of computer game art, and story.


Did I do well?


Of course not but at least I’m not a sociopath.

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