Sunday, April 26, 2015

Full Belly


I get up and have breakfast outside. It is sunny, the sun is shining brightly and radiantly but it is certainly not warm.


There is blossom on my apple tree, only a bit, so will I get at least one apple? And in the background the bamboo I have planted the other day, will it take, will it grow?


I retreat to the warmth of the house and head upstairs to my computer desk, where the sun is shining warmly through the window as I sit there. That is nice that is relaxing. I do some online banking, blogging and also look up camp sites and the Great Grabel in the Lake district. But will it be warm enough? Will it be dry enough? Will I be fit enough?


The person who sold me the eBay SDS drill will collect it today from my parents, so I swing over to theirs and drop it round. One wonders if the eBayer will turn up or not. I was surprised when they replied to my request to return due to being faulty so promptly. But I’m ready with the negative feedback if they don't sort it out.


And standing there was my MX5 some 20 years old and passed its MOT first time round.


It wasn’t just my Dad’s birthday but Les too so


off we go to have a meal together at


the Bridge House in Penkridge


Here the food was ordered.


The presents given out.


And the company of each other enjoyed.


I can’t say I enjoyed the start of mushroom and spinage pate. But the main course was nice and filling.


And whilst I had no room for a pudding I had one anyway. My belly so truly full. we followed on with coffees.


Eventually it was time to go home, and so I took Les home.


And there I stayed, we watch the last Episode of Raised with Wolves because he told me they go to the Dorch, wow but on the program its not the Dorch at all! Not the one I went to, not the renouned one all Wolvo people know and loved. Eventually it was dark, I was very tired and my washing was still on the line. So I went home and rescued it. How sad.

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