Thursday, April 16, 2015

Have You Seen A Water Baby?


Today  I get up and put Girlfriend In A Coma on the read shelf. I will miss you coma.


And with that I question which book I should read next. Which book Alan Dutton told me to read? And should I read another Copland book straight away?


If the KLF have taught me anything it is to ignore the questions and follow the magic of life. And so I let my hand choose.


Today though, whilst I have a new book on me I’m not going to read it.


Well I’m not going to start the story.


But within this book there are many other things to read first.


I’d like to say the day at work is great, but you know its not. Not apart from


My holiday form has been signed and return to me. The longest its ever taken. However what I didn’t note and was not told is the person how now authorises the days off isn’t my boss anymore who’s pigeon whole I left it in.


After work I catch the 17:05 to Walsall, and I’m loving the chu chu, and love for travel on the chu chu brings back memories of loving the chu chu when I used to catch it regularly to Worcester and back all those times, and never bother with the timetables for connections. I never worried about never getting there or back but then there was no rush. Why do I love chu chu travel so much? Perhaps it is those happy memories, and those of the chu chu travel in 1991 and on?


I get off at Walsall and head into the town centre to do some shopping.


This is working well. In fact it does, I get eh 18:05 train home and consider I can do this again. There’s no question about it.


I arrive home and look at the pub. Is the back hander going to be big enough? Will the council except it? Then what will it be? Will it Just become vandalised and desolate until the council give up?


On the plus side my tickets have come come for the spring Mx5 rally. Not very exciting as one person put it on the forum “its about parking your car in a field and then looking at other cars parked in a field and buying an overpriced burger and coffee”. However if the sun is out it will make a nice day out and this one is localish to me, or as local as they get.


Love Film have sent me the next film, Cola Miner Daughter. I can’t remember asking for this and I question weather or not Deadmanjones has been on my account. That would explain all those foreign films I had the once.


I decide to put a second coat of plaster on the said wall on the stairs I did on Monday.


I took the hand rail down and looked at the wall ties.


How the hell are these tied to the wall? I guess they are mortared in.


Then I deciced to start the other side. Well I’m making a right mess now.


But I’m off, and working well.


That is until the knife breaks and


I run out of plaster. And no I didn’t go to the chipshop. I had an Iceland Pizza cooked in the naught oven.

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