Wednesday, April 08, 2015

I Feel The Love?


Its an exciting day today. Here I am at the Cannock station, I look eagerly at the railway, what has changed after the closure, what has changed? Nothing it would seem!


And here we are at Walsall station, now there are changes here, the track has been lowered the other platform altered.


And so i sit down and read my book, in the peace of the morning.


And I get on my second train, it is empty, not like the M6 yesterday, the opposite in fact. Perhaps the people are all still there, stationary, going nowhere, but trying.


And so I tweet to London Midland from the conversation the other day…


and can you believe they replied!


So I thought I’d show them some love.


On the way home on the train, my phone rings. Its not London Midland, its my dad. He wants to meet me at the station. As usual its a brief conversation that tells me nothing, other than he wants to meet me at the station, which usually entails going somewhere with my wallet and spending money on something I didn’t know I need to, or wanted to. As it happens they were waiting at the station for me in the car, and as I opened the door there in the car lying down was something.


We took it to my house and I put it in the kitchen initially, that was until Zoe suggested it might be better in the garden.


So I tried it out there.


But no birdies came, no birdies at all. Meanwhile I could hear the Buddha asking for the light. Which was lucky really.


As that light I’d ordered had come. And I was surprised at the quality of the unit. I was expecting cheap rubbish from China, but what I got was this.


and yes its solar powered, but here one ponders once more, is the quality of the light as good as the product? Only time will tell, only once it has charge and then gone dark will we find out.


And so I make myself dinner for two.


Chineese chicken, egg rice stir fry with a side portion of chicken and blueberry cheese. It was divine.


And to end the night I relaxed and watched the GEBS24.

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