Friday, April 17, 2015

Let the world shine


Ah Friday and from the kitchen window I can smell the Daffodils.


For breakfast today I’m having Sugar Puffs. It may not say it on the box, but inside is.


With all the love for my train I decide to go in the MX5 today, to give it a run before tomorrow.


And as I pull out of my drive I can see they are putting “to Let” signs on the pub. I question my questions from yesterday.


A quick and nice spin down the motorway and I’m here in Birmingahm. This is the other way to view Aston Station, well from a car.


For dinner I got to the chip shop with Matt and Louis. I have a cheesie burger and chips. It is cold outside but refreshing.


I get home and I’ve had some post. Surely this is a joke letter from NPower?


They changed the meter in January, how can they be asking me this? I’ve evern told them the details of the new meter on the phone already. I do so love dealing with a professional company. Look it says call them so I can be on hold for another 20 plus minutes. The joy. I think its probably time to put something in writing.


Whilst it is still light I do two things. I empty the water from the bath by using it to water the garden with the water can, and then start on cleaning the car for tomorrow.


When I’m done she looks good again.


I fact I can’t quiet believe how good it has polished up.


Not only has it put a shine on it, but it has also put a big smile on my face.

IMG_20150417_203459 And with that I hang this mirror here and


put this one here. Now will those adhesive hooks hold up?

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