Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lonely plants grow?


On the train spinning to work, I open my book


Corruption is blessed when the outcome is moral.


I am as ever your own true friend.


On the way home i go to Walsall do some shopping in Wilko and head back to the station. Its eerily quiet here, the sun is warming and breeze gentle, with the soft sway of the recently laid tarmac platform awaking the senses if the nostroles. Where is everyone? Where are the sounds of the people, the birds, and the hooligans?



I await my train and ponder if now I have a tool if I will use it. And why do I always end up buying more than I go in for.


I get home and psych myself up, to do that plastering, I’m getting my scruffs on, and the door bell goes. I quickly glance, it is someone in a blue shirt, right if this is the conservative party we are going to have some fun. I see them walking down the drive through the kingfisher window of the door. No don’t go don’t ruin it for me, and I open the door. It is not the conservative party. It is my great friend Rog, with a big grin and shining with happiness. I look a mess. He asks if I want tea from the chips shop? I say get some chips and I’ll cook some eggs and with that we are eating in the garden. The eggs were great and so were the chips. The company was even better. Happiness, this is nice this is perfect.


I show him my lonely plants. I’m not sure he is impressed, or just thinks I’m mad. No matter the company I enjoy, he is great.


And whilst he probably thinks i did no plastering, I did! I did some anyway.


Then I sat in retro room and watched some telly on the small screen


until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer.

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