Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Thats What I Know


I know it a bit cold to be standing on the platform in those. That I know. Where is the train. I’m eager, eager to find out how it finishes.


On the train and then off it. For part three is KLF inspired I believe. I believe that this is the path I was following not the one about circles.


Was Alan Dutton always pointing me in the right direction?


That is what I know and from here I can see the world and how to get there. That's what I know.


And at the end of the book


there are two pages of magic by the KLF, the print thats hard to read, to understand to take in, but you can feel the magic, touch it.


Was it as good as they say? Was it as inpointinant as it should have been? But where now? Which direction? Where in the world? Was I meant to be here? Am I lost? Should I be asking all these questions? Should I stop asking questions? I’m not sure, do you know? Does Alan Dutton know? Is it him need to find? Is it him I’m looking for and yet he was right on my door step once? I take a deep breath and think of other questions? Ones I know can be answered by fools alone and go to work.


There is something to be said about the grid lock at present on the way home around Birmingham at present. That is its good for the economy and tax man no matter what they say on the news. You should never believe the words of “the boys club”. For it is not the words they mean. And with that I let the train take the strain.


At home I tender my lonely plants. They don't have the answer either.


But I do have the answer to my storage issues.


Hang or be hung. Is that what Cameron meant.


Sithive, or be sithived is that what Milliband said. And why isn’t there a KLF party?


At home, I don’t want to plaster so I don’t, instead I fill the hole at the bottom of the drive with chick pea stone and


to get that chick pea stone I dug it up from the side of the rear drive where I put some soil in and planted some plants. And under the drive I think the old slate roof tiles are.


So I made a slate area where the gate opens up.


I site and chat to Gebs 24.


And politely she replies.


With that I’m tired so that's that for the day. That's what I know.

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