Saturday, April 04, 2015

The Other Plan


I get up and its not looking nice outside. That shouldn’t matter as I really should crack on with the decorating. However I have the other plan. I cook breakfast and sit and read the local paper, an interesting reading regarding HS2, and it must be nice to be in the “boys club”. I could however arrange more competent engineers together to get the job done and they would do it for 50K each. So somewhere, some over paid someone, is robbing our own country.


It is good to see the lads hard at work in the subway passage I use. I do wonder though what is happening to all those tiles and could I do something with them?


In the housing section, that bargain of a house is still in there.


Did I get on with the decorating. Did I heck as like. I put Alien resurrection on again.


I wasn’t going to allow it to beat me.


And I managed to get through the section I had been stuck on for so long, which


just brought me onto another hard section I got stuck on.


Mean while I wondered what the difference the PS3 smoothing did for Ps1 games. And here we have the smoothing off


And here the same place with the smoothing on.


And with it off.


and with it on.


I did eventually get on with that decorating though.


I looked out onto the back garden and considered did that lawn need mowing yet.


After getting on with the plastering which just wasn’t going at all well, due to more plaster issues I gave in and realxed.


I just sat there and watched the lava lamps slowly bubble away.


And the glitter lamps glitter.


It was time for bed then.

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