Monday, April 13, 2015

Three Two One Zero


Monday morning and I didn’t get to finish my book at the weekend as it happens, too busy plastering. Anyway I can’t wait to open it up and finish it off. It doesn’t happen on the way there though!


Or on the way back.


The train is rammed and I end up standing most of it.


Back at home something odd happens. I get the car key and go in search of Al Dutton once more in B&Q. I don’t find him but I do find the smoothover. I get some and head home. Its not the only thing I buy. I also get some Cuprinol fence paint to. I decide to do a small patch of plastering on the staircase.


And I just get into the plastering so much that I do loads and loads and loads.


Maddness complete maddness!


But you can see the difference.


See how it works.


By the time I finish I decide to treat myself to chips from the chip shop. And once in there I decide to treat myself to a small keebab and chips. And by the time I get home that small kebab and chips looks rather large on the plate.


And you know before I go to bed, I fit that bathroom door lock I got from Wilkos yesterday.


Someone's going to have to tidy this mess up!

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