Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Travelling Memorabilia


the chu chu comes like it always does, but know one knows where it may stop. Its how exciting things can be with the train, well this one at this platform. This train terminates here, and then goes back on it’s self. Some to Birmingham, some to Wolverhampton and some to Liverpool. I fancy a journey to Liverpool one day on the London Midland chu chu.


What I forgot yesterday was to clear and tidy my desk area this morning. I just forgot, some special visitors today apparently. Here we have Pauls desk, a person that is messier than me and has put me to shame. Shame on me.


Whilst cleaning I find some of that Locktite Alan needed. About £80 worth here!


When I get home I decide the grass needs cutting, if I don’t do it now it won’t get done for at least a week, by which time it will be forest length. I swiftly shoot up and down the garden.


And then fit a hook and eye to the side garage door, to stop it banging open and shut when its in use. Well it will stop the banging noise which I ‘m sure drives the neighbours mad. Then I put the correct number plate on the bike rack, in preparation for the weekend, should it warm up.


My dad drops the second, second hand drill off.


A Clarke CON1500RHD SDS. Will it be any good?


Also delivered is a new BBQ. I must have been mad. And a new throw.


Whilst I was in the garage I picked up the box with my travelling memorabilia mugs and glasses in. Some 7 months living here I finally put them out.


I do ponder where to put the mugs though?


And they appear to be a spiders graveyard. Why did they like them so much?


For now I put them on the kitchen shelf, by which time its nearly 10pm. I am tired and weary. There is only one thing for it.


Haddock and chips from the chips shop. Ohh my, how am I going to to eat all this?


With dinner done, I go onto the internet, pay my car tax, pay for JK-Images web site renewal and do some shopping. All I have got to do now is work out how to pay the car insurance. With that I note that NPower have not yet responded to either query. Will they? I ponder, I close my eyes and dream sweet dreams.

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