Monday, April 06, 2015

Two Bread Knives Are Better Than One


I get up and turn on the washing machine that I forgot to turn on yesterday morning after I’d been and got that mirror.


Off I went to B&Q, and you know why, for some reason I brought hook and hope sand paper when I just want plain vent sheet. Not a complete lose as the hook and eye sheet paper I brought can be cut up into triangles and used with the palm sander.


Of course in the modern world whilst you are shopping in B&Q you can download the app for screwfix around the corner and do a price check. It is confirmed, B&Q are screwing me.


Back at HQ more paint goes on the wall, more sanding is done, more paint goes on the wall, more sanding is done.


This room is a nightmare, the smallest and hopefully the worst if that makes any sense. Right now though I have to stop.


I have to stop to go to Rugely to collect another mirror I have won, this time for a fiver.


When I return home I decide to put it straight up, it might seem like a bit of an odd place but in the afternoon the room is quiet dull as the sun has gone round to the back, so I’m trying to bounce the light.


And the picture I took down to put the mirror up I move to over here.


It’s near enough dinner time and so I make dinner, dinner for two of course, and sit in the garden and eat it.


Being dinner for two means it takes twice as long to eat it.


I considered the possibilities, and then extended the wifi into the garden.


Its so sunny out here, I think whilst looking up at the box room, calling me. I consider why I never got on with the room on the rainy days. Then I stopped considering.


And moved the garage drain pipe from one corner of the garage to this one, in the hop it would water my plants better, rather than next doors wall.


Then I got out my favourite boys toy and some screws.


And I screwed the fence here and there. It doesn’t half need painting though.


I do go back up stairs into that room though.


And consider it done apart from the area around the light switch, which needs redoing. Doh.


And with that I have a shower, and get the muck off me.


And tomorrow its back to work, but not on the train, so I take the MX5 out to the petrol station.


And fill her up, all the way tot the top.


I get home, I relax somewhat.


Look at my two bread knives and consider two are better than one? That's what I consider


Which leads me onto the London Midland Train Twit. We will so see.

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