Friday, April 03, 2015

Wet and happy?


I get up and try to sych myself into doing the decorating.


I don’t though. Instead I play a PS 1 game Alien resurrection. And suddenly i realise why I stopped playing it a year ago. After many attempts I get no further than I was a year ago!


I do start the decorating but there is an issue, a puzzling one.


For some reason the plaster has not gone off. It is still damp.


So I can’t sand it. Anyway the part that is sanded already


I paint, and give it a good coating to.


I decide to go to B&Q and


i buy the expensive Polycell Smoothover this time. I know it does the trick, I know it works, I know I can use it, and I know I get good results with it.


And whilst there I get a new sand. Only £18 so if the plaster kills it thats not too much money wasted.


And whilst we are waiting for the plaster to dry with the radiators on full blast


I admire the sandpaper I have brought, It looks like it has stopped raining outside so I decide to fix the fence, well look at how to fix it.


I gather the essential tools.


Of course when I am out there it tips it down again, but I’m in the mood to fix it, I can and so I do. And once its back up it better than it ever was, which it never was which is why it came down in the first place. I also put the raised bed in and plant my heard in it. Well that is what it was for.


I also made the top bit of the border wider. Well I was wet by then anyway.


I also put the table and chairs out and ponder if it will ever be dry enough to sit there.


I ponder away, anything but the decorating. And then I put out the solar lights, all 22 of them and pnder what that will look like later.

By now the day has moved by, I put some KLF on via Youtube


and watch the sheep.


Later comes and I look out of the kitchen window towards Blackpool. Yep that's great I think to myself.


And for tea I make that Chinese meal that I was going to make yesterday, only I got too excited about my LED bulbs.


Oh boy it smelt so nice cooking it up, but it was even nicer to eat.


And with that I went to my lovely comfortable bed. And promised I’d get on with the decorating tomorrow, bright and early.

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