Sunday, April 12, 2015

When You Know Everything There's Nothing Worth Living For


Sunday I get up and it looks nice. But its not. Its icy cold.


I get breakfast ready whilst I have no pants on, or socks for that matter.


I put the bacon in the grill


and watch it cook, and drool as the smell engulfs the kitchen.


A few minutes later it is ready to eat. Although I’m still stuffed from last night. So I only have two sandwiches with two rashers, my brother has the rest. What I actually did here was play a game of name that bacon. Most of the bacon was Asda’s special bacon and two good stuff. But which was which. Only Marg got it right and it was the bottom left.


I put my pants in the washing machine and put some fresh ones on.


We headed into the centre and went into game where I brought my first retro game for the PS3! Motostorm, and it is as good today as the day it came out. So many memoires playing this around Zoe and Alan's when they first had a PS3 and their lounge was laid out differently. We go to Wilkos and Aldi, where I get two enormous grow bags for £2 each. My brother wanting to know where exactly in the MX5 I was planning on putting them. In the boot of course.


We head round my parents for Sunday lunch, which today


we were having at the Rainbow.


And their Sunday roasts are great. And filling and taste good, so good.


We head back round to my parents and my mom and cat play.


Yep she’s found her spot.


And whilst there I thought I’d take a look at the NPowers app that they emailed me.


Having had a new electricity meter reading I though we may now have the meter registered. Of course I was wrong? I updated the gas reading anyway.


Looking outside it was wet again.


At least the wax was working a treat still.


I head home to settle down and decide to put a Love Film on.


A weird one called Lucy, and one that told us so much. Oddly it is about now, this time last year, that my brain said no more. That's enough, that's too much. So apt in the timing of randomly watching you’d think the KLF angle was hovering above. And whilst she looked for more and how to share it, all I could see was a long deep dark hole as the way out, but I truly did not want to enter.


If you know everything what is there to live for, what is there to live for. And in the end she turned herself into something else, something nonhuman. So there you go you may want to consider that you don’t want to use all your brain after all.


And with that I turn mine off.

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