Thursday, April 02, 2015

Where are the Graves?


This morning I walk through the church yard, the church yard that should surley be a graveyard, but has no graves. Its an incredibly old church so one would think they buried the people somewhere.


There is one large monument but that is all, and the large monument isn’t actually that large. Its just that its on its own that makes it look large.


I am really flying though the story of Girlfriend In a Coma, slightly werid and getting weirder, suddenly I’m realising this is still a KLF trip the one I had start so long ago, and perhaps it was timing that was more important about reading the book. Timing that Alan Dutton sold it to me, timing that he recomended it, and timing that it stood so still on the shelf for so long until I had brough the others and first read the KLF book, For this book is full of that magic, the magic and the chaos.


But not all is magic, not al is choas, some of it is plain fiction, not but some of it.


At work I get that one man band feeling, well for the morning, that is until the raffle.


And would you believe it, I won in that Easter Egg raffle.


So I sat there and ate it thinking of my mate Les as I did so.


But would you believe it, I won again! And no I didn’t eat this one.


I head home, read some more and enjoy the sun.


I consider that London Midland will have stranded me in Cannock for the long Easter break and for Tuesday, I must not forget to use the car on Tuesday.


Off the train I fancy a Chinese meal, so I go into Morrison's and pick up some rice, and crisps, and more crisps, a pork pie and some Chinese sauce. I know so healthy. The lady in front of me forgets her stamps, and so I offer to chase after her and give them to her. She is really realy pleased that I’d bothered, ending the conversation in most people would have just gone off with them, thankyou so much. It was nice to cheer someone up. I carried on walking to my home.


Once there I’d had two large parcels. The first was the set of LED bulbs I’d ordered. CE marked of course, well they were in the description and sales photo. What came were not.


So for the sake of safety I

took one apart to check how well made they were. And they were Okay.


And so around the house I went changing all the low watt efficency bulbs for even more efficney, well 2 watts less per a bulb as it happens.


Where they bright? Hell yes!


And here is the sales info, because I know you’d be interested in what you get for £2.86.


Marvellous is it not, but they are good and would get some more.


Well you can’t get too much of a good thing.


I changed the bulbs upstairs too.


I know exciting stuff, it is, it is.


In the other box was 24 LED garden lights. Well there wasn’t. There was 22 and 1/2. Yes 1/2. And so onto ebay to moan and groan.


I assembled them all and got them ready to catch some sun light through the window in the morning.


And instead of getting on with that decorating I sat back and watched a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory


It would appear her short hair has affected the funniness of the series in a bad way.

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