Sunday, April 05, 2015

Where Do You Keep Your Knife At Night?


I wake up really early, I mean really early, earlier than if I was going to work. For some reason my brain had woken up. And due to that I got up made a cup of tea and then went to bed. I didn’t go back to sleep, nope instead I went on ebay. One of the things I wanted was some mirrors. And low and behold there was some one desperate to sell. So I click the buy it now button for a tenner and asked for details of where they lived. It wasn’t the only mirror for sale and so I placed a fair few low bids out there.


I drink my tea and the phone battery goes dead. So I switch it off, plug it into the charger and roll over. Before you know it, time has moved onto 9:30am. I switch my phone on and it instantly rings. Its the mirror man.  I get up and get dressed, and find the spare head for the palm sander I was looking for on Friday.


I look at my garden and sych myself up for actually doing that plastering again.


I throw my washing in the machine but before I turn it on I have something I must do.


A five minute drive later…


I’m here in Cheysln Hay. So whilst the advert said Walsall it wasn’t


I meet the friendly chap who also want to see if I wanted a very tidy brown leather sofa set, and said it was very odd, I notice you brought it at 6:30am and then tried to call you but the phone was dead. Ah I said. We get the mirror on the back seat of the car and I head home.


I consider that this one will go here. Where I used to have one, the one that went in my bedroom, the one large one, the one that Rog gave to me.


I get my bread knife out and Zoe twits a twit that goes further than she would ever expect it would.


I throw some bacon into the frying pan.


Get some black pudding ready


slice a few tomatoes and


breakfast is served.


sit and relax with Buddha, but thats not the only person I share breakfast with.


Because in that long grass a black cat is around, and playing. Erm perhaps that grass does need cutting then.


I put some more plaster n the wall.


I do another coat of pain on another.


And over skim the filled in problem areas.


And now it needs to dry.


And so for some excitement. I head into the garage and get out the mower for the first time this year.


Here we go then and I go up and down the lawn carefully as the mower moans at the length.


It is done though and the smell is divine.


In fact it makes me want to garden some more, and so I make the lower section of board wider to match the wider section at the part nearest the house. This was of course a tiring procedure.


And so I had to have a break in the sun and relax on the chair again. After all it was thirsty work.


i tidy the area up and then consider taking a peek at the seeds I’d sown.


And it would appear that most of the 3500 seeds plant are in fact growing.


Not quiet what I expected. I tidy the house up and leave for Sunday dinner round my parents,


I get home and have a mooch about to see what I can take away with me this time. I’m slowly but surely moving it all bit by bit.


There is a right stash behind my bed head board.


And here is one of those keep sake boxes and inside is many things,


things I had forgotten about


things I had enjoyed


and things from special people that are still treasured.


My mom gives me my favourite type of Easter egg and with that I head home.


As I peer out of the window through the blinds I see a full moon. I ensure the doors and windows are tightly locked.

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