Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Will I need my bread knife?


I get up and have my breakfast as normal.


I pack my bag and head out into the streets.


What will today hold? Where will it take me? Will I need my bread knife?


I walk off the end of the drive and


down the street. Will I pass many people on the walk to the station? Will the train be full? Will it be this sunny later?


On the train I sit at “my table” seat which seems to upset the person sitting opposite me when I get my book out. I say this because they get up and sit else where. Do I smell? I question myself.


Today though I want the table seat to write the note in the back of the book.


And thats the sign sealed, done. Will anyone ever read it? Will anyone ever question it? And should they even bother? You can ask these questions about a lot of things?


The day is full of surprises, or not as the case may be. There are certain things you plainly cannot write, but lets just say I had a long day at work because of those paid better can’t grasp things. That's it I’ve probably said too much. So tonight its not the train that is late it me. I’m catching the 6:35 pm train from Aston.


The train comes on time. I’ve no book to read so I take a moment to enjoy some music. I look in my huge Google collection for something, soothing, joyful and powerful that is going to ignite the brain cells into dancing in my head, to create wonderful and powerful imagines of a different place, an imaginary place, a place or Teleman and its the right choice.


Tonight I change at Walsall, now I’m thinking two things. This is the 19:05 train and the next train is 19:55, so I never want to catch a later train than 18:35 from Aston. But if I catch the 17:05 train to here and then the 18:05 train from here that gives me time to go shopping in Walsall. So that is the question? Can it be done? That is another? What was the original question again? Oh Yes will I need my bread knife? The answer is only if I don’t buy sliced bread.

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