Friday, April 24, 2015

Yay Yay Yay


There's something I am dreaming that's not in my head, I reach up to touch my face and realise I'm not in bed.....


On the train I discuss rules and regs for me, Zoe and Alan for secret garden part, with Alan. And when I say that, they are the rules for the hot tube. As I put it to him. I’ve always wanted to have a hot tub experience with him.


Ow Mani thingers, two many peyes, wen will eye start to disspies. At work things are only bad in one of the three ways I was expecting, And that was the one I was hoping would go better than expecting. It doesn’t I throw in the towel. I give in, without doing it myself I can do no more, let the client complain to the managers again.


Luckily though there is always someone somewhere in the place that will make me smile.


And at dinner time I head to the chipshop with Matt. We have a chit and chat with the shop keepers and then head to our usual park haunt.


Am a walking tower of silence, comes to mind, that's how I feel right now, and as I do so I look down and realise things are far worse for others than myself.


The journey home is nice, uneventfully and on time. I am happy once more, now I can enjoy the weekend.


The SDS drill turns up and my parents bring it round. I have the evening with them until I kick them out (they won’t leave).


And I’m tired and wan to go to bed!

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