Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Loaf &


a dishwasher. So I got up this morning feeling weary. Then headed across country with my dad to Stamford, a place I hadn’t been too for some time, since my mate left the RAF base there. The journey I remember well that I had done so many times on a Friday night. My dad drove there, I relaxed my sore head.


We meet the ebayer who was friendly and helpful and my dad was happy to have yet another meile dishwasher to replace the now broken dishwasher he has in the kitchen in bits. Luckily it fitted in the car.


As we left Stamford I decided I needed a loaf, and so


we stopped at Morrison's, and whilst I went in for just a load I came out with some plants. I just couldn't resist. I got talking to the check out girl for some time which A probably annoyed the enlarging queue behind me and B also my dad in the car. I’m not sure why she thought I was having a BBQ but I did point out that it would be some 3 hours before I’d get home to light one anyway.


So a few hours later I was at my dads house and unloading the car by myself?!? Anyway I got it out it was probably best he didn’t see it happen.


By now I was tired, exhausted and ached from yesterday.


So I did what so many men do on a Sunday and


watched QVC trying to flog me Killping bags and purses! I was tempted, but this example was a cheap one, the one I really wanted was £167 quid. There is only so much one person can say about a purse or hand bag and really no matter how many other you show they are all the same. In a way it was pure comedy, a sale work of art. Some where in the background I could here the new dishwasher come to life.


As I lay back I sent a facebook to Gebs24. I knew she’d like it.


I swapped seats to the recliner and watched the garden go by and a bird fly into the patio windows with a thud. It seemed to impress the pigeons. Yes all 3 birds are in the photo. I had a lovely Sunday beef roast dinner with the parents before I got my dad to take me home.


And back at home there was jobs to be done, repairing that mixer tap again in the bathroom.


Planting the pepper plant and pepper mint plant in the raised bed of death.


I planted the acer and wished it luck.


And then put the parent old chimneaire in the garden as a decorative feature and put some plants in that. By which time it was dark, I was tired and before long was in bed.

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