Wednesday, May 27, 2015

An Insane Issue


At present we have an issue with Blogging. I had only just reduced my Facebook post by 98%


and increased my Google + post by 98%, which was hopefully going to allow me more time to Blog, as I’m not keeping it up and I want to.  So what does Google go and do?


For mostly of you will not understand to Blog I use a Microsoft Windows program called Windows Live Writer, a fantastic little program to write my blog sometimes in bits sometimes in draft and sometime picture first only. I can pre date, after date and post to blogger, and access my drafts anywhere. However as no one used Microsoft's own blogging facility they stopped supporting it many years ago and there are no updates to it. No more updates! Like me most of the blogging world uses this Liver Writer to compose our master pieces, only Google have now turned off the login facility that Windows Live Writer uses!


So to cap it - an insane issue of an old but very good Microsoft program used by the Google blogger Community. Google have changed the remote access and Microsoft no longer support live writer. Google obviously don't want you to use a windows product to write your Google blogger blog and windows do not want to update an old but loved program to post to goggles blogger site. I have a feeling here Google want to end blogger. Have you tried using the blogger writer on the blogger site they provide? If only it was as good as Microsoft's live writer everyone would use it. I guess they want you to modernise and use Google + but for me that's for now snippets and not a digital diary, having only recently stopped posting my daily snippets on Facebook, and moving to Google+, and to use blogger more this has prevented such. I guess the answer will be to moved to WordPress :( but I hope not and the two companies knock their heads together before we all give in, stop writing and leave......... A new chapter that may never be written?


To make matter worse for the future I store my photos, that I use for blogger on Flickr, a yahoo product!

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