Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Another New World


The garden looks good I think to myself as I make my salad for lunch.


On the train, I can’t wait to get it out. I have its here. So very, very, very exciting, or is it all in my head?


Once at my desk the picture of the day comes up. It is very apt as this time last year this is where I was. Conquering something I thought I would never get to try to conquer.


And with that I’d won a pine mirror on Ebay. I arranged to collect it that night. But there was something about this mirror I had not picked up on.


For this was no normal mirror. When she opened the door and showed it me I exclaimed, “oh my that is a large mirror it may not fit in the car”. And so it was true. I got it on the back but, when I closed one back door the other popped open!


With some jiggery poke I got it so that it just squeezed in, would it make it home, and the other thought, this is too big for the bedroom.


When I got it in the house there was only one place suitable for it. And so I took the original fire place mirror down and stood this up.


Erm I thought, I’ll need to get the drill out again to mount it.


And so that mirror I put up the other day got moved to my bedroom.


To give me an infinity look.


And the mirror from the living room I turned around and mounted in my Retro Games room.


And thought this works out well.


And then I settled in front of the PS3 and download Another World.


It was only £1.95 on the download store. Even better it then let me download it to the PS4 for free!

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