Monday, May 04, 2015

Buxton Tea Party


One gets up with headache. One can’t think why. I’m not used to this drinking lark anymore. I head to the garden, I relax on the lush green soft grass.


I am lucky, for Alan looks after me. Alan brings me a sandwich and a cup of tea.


I take a moment to Facebook and there's a “what is your perfect job?” app on there. I give it a go. Well I never, I never thought of that. Am I? Am I really? That's not really what I thought. And with that Alan tells me we are going to use the bikes and I should get ready and stop lazing around. But my head???


I get the bike rack on the car, and then the three bikes and then we climb aboard. We head off down the road me advising that it would be best not to go down any streets with speed bumps in them. I had a look of despair from them both and low and behold they took me down a road with speed humps. And as we went down one, bang you heard the bike rack bounce off it. We got in the queue to Lyme Park, not that we were going to Lyme park, and so Alan got us off the main road and down some side streets. This might have been a good move but on this occasion it wasn’t. It got us to a dead end! It never used to be a dead end but Google maps did not know that someone had put barrier posts up to stop people doing what we were doing. So back to the queue on the A6.


Where ever it was Alan took us to we got here. A siding in the middle of nowhere, a very popular nowhere, as there was nowhere to park and turning around in the single lane car park was going to be tricky. Luckily a car moved. I considered would we get the bus in with the bike rack as well. The answer was yes.


We got the bikes off and Alan blew my tyres up, always a good start! The bags were prepped, we were prepped.


We were ready to go. The first outing since I’d moved home.


And we were off down the disused train line. Even better I’m videoing it!


A short while later after going up a steep bank which I cycled, the others are not here, not there, not anywhere?


I hang around until they catch up and then we are off once more, the air just right, not too hot, not too cool.


My Chinese maintenance free bike is smooth.


Alan never told me there would be tunnels, every days is full of dark surprises.


And ever now and again we would stop. Stop to take in the beautiful countryside.


Stop to admire the enjoyment of the exercise we are having, and of each others company.


There are more tunnels, many, many more.


Boards to read, bridges to go through


and cafes to stop at.


We eventually reach here, near Bakewell..


And you know what Zoe?


I think this calls for something special


People watch whilst


we work it out.


Yes its time for the selfie stick to make an appearance!


And with that Alan disappears in the wrong direction.


For we are going to continue right to the end of the trail, where the track falls steeply to a narrow road and one we following into the town centre.


Over the bridge


Where I wonder why people have left so many locks.


Why have so many people lost there keys?


We lock our bikes up and I put my keys somewhere safe, with Alan asking, will this lock unlock, unlike Norfolk? And then we wander the town in search of something to eat.


And we end up in The Old Original Bakewell Pudding Shop


and go upstairs.


We are sat at a table where I am facing the cakes. Oh no? Nack what do you fancy?


As it happens a pink milkshake. Now I thought initially a sandwich would be good, so did Zoe, so did Alan. Then somehow we ordered proper meals. I looked for the smallest thinking hey we have a long way to cycle back.


As it happens Alan went for the biggest pie that wasn’t a pie he could find.


And Zoe had one big big half a chicken.


All I can say is thankgod, although all the meals tasted great. I know cuz I tasted them all! I waited and waited for them to finish. I pondered how do they cycle on full full bellies. They never did finish.


That's right we left without finishing our big meals of choice whilst the Dutch couple who came in after us went through the menu being told it had all been sold, and even when they did choose something the waitress came back saying that the sides had been used up and would they mind if they improvised. The Dutch laughed, what would they get?


When we got there our bikes were still there, although the road had been closed. Where is the bomb then?


All I can say is thankgod the bike lock came off. And off we cycled down the quiet lane toward the railway track.


Like a nutter I cycled up the steep path and I was actually tired already.


The way back was up hill all the way.


And in places it was best not to look down.


Well certainly not hold your phone over the side!


There are times when you think your legs will give in.


There are times you just want to stop.


There are times you do.


And then there are times you do daft things like double selfies which mean you have to cycle dangerously close. It may not look it but our wheels were very very close and that is really where I was looking.


Yes we are mad.


And soon we were near the journeys end.


And as we came under the bridge


where had all the cars gone!


We got off me in particularly weary and tired.


And loaded the bikes on the back


Alan had tracked us, all the way some 16 miles, I’d like to day not bad, but really I was tired when I shouldn’t have been. Thankgod I didn’t go to the lake district afterall!


And so I head home, hoping my car will drive itself. And it does


I get the bike off the back, the bike rack of the back, the bags inside my home and also the picture.


I take down my favourite picture


And hang something else up in its place. It looks real good. I like it. Thanks Xsara.

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