Saturday, May 16, 2015

Bye George, I Now Just Need a Dance Partner


Its Saturday morning and I sit down to look at my accounts and to do some banking, the MX5 insurance renewal has come the last of the car bills, and this was the month I was most worried about.


Really I know the thing to do would be to not keep the MX5 but one loves the dam thing so much he will strife at anything to make the wonga stretch. I remember what pink girl said to me once “oh my you insurance both your cars for the price I pay for one”. So the bill comes to £436 for the Skoda, £286 for the MX5, £77 for the breakdown cover to cover both, Skoda tax £186 a sum of £1085. On the positive side of things no one has put their prices up, considering where I now live and how close to the canter compared to the tranquillity of the village I resided in before. I change my budget account accordingly to take this into consideration for next year and prey. And of course if I’m keeping the Mx5 that means….


Eventually I recover enough to get my fancy dress on. Will the size be right, it looks like one small package. A few moments later I was surprised at just how George I looked. I now just need a dance partner and some lipstick and eye liner.


My dad picks me up, he has Les in the car already, and I ask if he can stop at the Tesco Express round the corner to get some cash. Les “exclaims your not getting out of the car like that are you?” Les is of course not making the effort. I get some looks, some admiring looks and then I get back into the car quickly. Really these looks are something I need to get used to, as in ten minutes or so I get back out of the car in Brewood to go into the Swan public House. Les exclaims “I’m going to love this”. Well I was noticed, and on the positive side of life, I got served straight away by the two girls who loved it. I suggested to Les we go and sit in the beer garden rather than inside the pub.


As it happens in the beer garden sat Paul the Quiz Master.


And so the conversation began, and beer flowed, then Greenie joined us, and then Paul and Sue.


We soon enough though went across to the Jubilee hall and saying happy birthday to Di. I think she was trying to make some sort of statement!


Now when Di said please don’t come hungry I’m putting on a buffet but nothing special, I was a little taken back what she thinks is special. This was good, this was great and a little bit later it was to get even better!


In the mean time everyone want to play with Nacks instrument.


Even Greg. Although I did have to ask who he had come as. Still he was dressed incredibly snazzy and I loved has glittery shirt.


Of course there were others you did not need to ask who they were. Kieran who are you, someone from the KLF?


The disco was about to begin.


One day I might get my guitar back but Kurt Cobain has it right now and Axel wants it next.


Got it.


Nack who's the most drunk, us or you asks Keith.


Well I am of course


I’m not sure but is that the same cigarette prop?


Hold on Curt has gone back to the dance floor with my guitar


And someone looks jealous again.


One step forward, many steps back, such is life, and you are the one and only. So many good tunes, so many I miss.


Hold on where did he get that?


A real rock star in the making.


Like all very the best things though, very come to an end weather you want it or not. If one thing is good about it all it is being together again, all of us having fun


Forty and Proud (You can see all the photos by clicking the picture above).


and the music ends. But we want the party to go on, and so it is back to the Swan. To be Frank I need no more, I’m already on another planet. And they have stopped serving some time ago. This however doesn’t stop me proceed to trey being served for another twenty minutes, after all this is now a show. I am now a show, they remember me, but quiet rightly they shouldn’t serve me for I would never leave. Eventually I get home. And one would think I would go to bed.


Wrong, for some reason I put the box on, and one of my favourite films is on. The 51st state.


A film of romance, love






Nights that never end


Nights you never want to end……

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