Friday, May 01, 2015

Clubbin Like Its Nineteen Ninety Nine


I get up early enough to cook myself a bacon sandwich and wake the neighbours by setting off the fire alarms. I then pack my bags and finally start looking for my MX5 keys which I seem to have been misplaced.


I give up looking for them and get my bike out of the garage. The first time since I’ve moved in!


With the bike on the rack and it all secured it was time to go and so I  drove down the road until I noticed that water botle was still on. Luckily I’d not gone far.


Unexpected the M6 was empty, I mean empty and free flowing. Kind of great as when I got off at Brum the usual grid lock was in place.


I park up taking one a bit spaces and tell the gate man.


Mufti day goes by and is a rather pain in the bum kind of day. Things are as irritating a bit but I get something done and have two slices of the cake Steve wife has done. It is the most amazing ginger and lemon cake you could ever imagine tasting! For dinner I go to the chip shop with Mat and Louis and we eat in the scruffy park. Home time comes and I join the grid lock to escape Brum.


Once on the M6 things are deceptively smooth, but google was most instant for once that the traffic past north Stafford was bad and we should get off there and go up via the A34.


I turn up and park outside to take the bike rack off and bike, whilst my mom called me on the phone at the same time. Alan treated me to fish and chips from his favourite fish and chip shop. So yummy, so kind. And with that the plan to go clubbing went out the door.


Just like us. Instead we were going to walk into Stockport to go to the Crucible


As in American pool and horrifying beer. I had Strongbow, obviously not a beer.


Alan played well,


Zoe played well but thought she didn’t


And Nack played abysmal which brought us onto Jeremy's stomach muscles.


Evenutaly we ended back up in the house. The strongbow had gone to my head and i decided to snooze with Alan and Zoe on the sofa.


At some point though I went to bed. I know that as that is where I woke up the next day.

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