Sunday, May 31, 2015

Daffodil White



Sunday and while I’m not in the mood, God has sent the rain so I start decorating the stairwell. Now I know the walls are not complete yet. But I want to see how bad the Daffodil white would bring up the bad bits. At first things were slow whilst I sanded down some of the area and plastered others. But then I got the paint brush out.


And things went on and on and on


Even the rough area is hidden and that still need more work doing to it.


Plaster dust every where.


Not perfect but oh so much better than it ever was!


One day we may even get those handrails done and back up!


And yes I even did the very high bits. And after


I scrubbed the carpet clean again.


Then I look at my watch


Toilets, I was meant to be round my parents at 6pm for my Sunday dinner. its now 7:30.


I call them once I’d replugged the phone in, explained I was now in a paint and plaster mess would be round if something could be salvaged for me., after a shower


I note my plants need planting, I keep noting this. Have my shower and head on round. I leave my Skoda there as it needs attention to its handbrake, yet another job to do and eventually get home ready for bed.


But before I got to sleep I pick up my copy of Elijah's Mermaid


scribble my note in it and put it safely on the shelf.


And so I pick up my next book, here we go then, page one of my new book, that isn't mine.

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