Sunday, May 10, 2015

Devine Destiny


I wake up and yes I do have my own glasses! George is now up so we settle in the living room.


There is no sunshine outside so we are going to try to make our own!


I get out my retro games from yesterday. George say”You must like populous Nack?”


“Its worse than that George. I’ve brought this and you know what, when we put it on I have a feeling I’ll remember it as I think I already own it!” I reply. And hell I was right I already did own it!


The rest of the Day was spent playing Destiny. George let me play at first trying to explain how and where and what Zoe and him did it last night. It all seemed to complicated to me, tedious, and repetitive. Many hours later we were both still playing hooked and addicted. During this time, Alan and Zoe were else where, doing other things, Zoe went to the allotment, Alan would just check we were okay occasionally, probably happy for the peace.


I hadn’t watched the Big Bang Theory for some time, so once we could play Destiny no more, our eyes numb to the virtual world we put All 4 on and relaxed on the sofa with Mr Tickle. At some point Alan and Zoe came in and explained that they were going out for the evening. I look at George and say “I think that is our queue to leave mate”. Alan replied “ Well we could chuck you out, but you have a key so you could come back as soon as we have left?” Nice thought, well may be.


I zip home in my barge  to the midlands and head home in the light for once.


And it just still light when I pull up on my drive.


And I see the grass grown high and consider I must mow it before it gets dark. The race is on, and I achieve this goal before doing some of the house work that need doing.


And once all that is done I sit back and relax in the retro room and watch the last Big Bang Theory. (You can see all the photos from the weekend by clicking the above picture)

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