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Today I’m back in a car to go to work, so this week I’ve hardly used the train. A good thing? Well the journey to work was quick, it took me a mere twenty minutes.


For dinner I went to the chip shop as usual on a Friday, only this time I had and only had a large kebab. I’m not if I’ve been diddled here but it looks no bigger than a small kebab? We sit in the park area and talk, the hour passing by so quickly. An before you knew it, five o'clock came. I climbed into my car and took the slow way north, Google once more warning me to get off the M6 at Stafford. I considered that on this occasion it would have been wiser to have gone to Manchester on the train.


I get to Alan and Zoes for seven thirty and take my bags indoors. I get changed and have a quick pee before heading down the road to the station. On the way I pop into the Spar to get me some tea, some potato covered in cheddar cheese and caramelised onion. I continue on walking to the station down the steps and sit and wait for the 20:05 chu chu. Whilst I munch away a girl standing infront of me is talking on the phone. Whatever she said she made me smirk, well I had nothing better to do than listen in to only half the conversation. And when she finished we somehow we got talking. Normally this wouldn’t happen, I am sober so shy, but the sun is out, I’m feeling happy and we natter away like an angle has been sent down to keep me company. We get on the train and sit together continuing the conversation of our life stories and finding out what we both have in common. Eventually she tells me this is her stop and would I like to join her. Now in my younger days I might have disappeared with her but on this occasion I confirmed I was still going to stay on the train to meet my friends. I was told I was the most wonderful person they ever meet and got up and left, as the train pulled off she and she was walking down the station Julie blew a kiss to me and disappeared into the distance as the wheels once more started to dance steel on the steel as they rotated and start to clatter ta clatter, towards the city center.


As the train reached Manchester station I still had not paid. There had been no ticket attendant, nor would I have probably notice and as I got off there was no one at the doorway like usual were you have to get one to leave the platform area. The train though had pulled up at a different platform to the one I’m used to. I looked at my phone for a train to Deansgate and the platform it was going to leave from and considered should I even buy a ticket. I’m kinda to honest though and off I go to find a ticket machine. I wait patently in the queue, but what the hell is the person in front of me doing? Going though every ticket option? Time is ticking, at last she moves, I put in Manchester to Deansgate and it asks for £1.60 so I pay. The receipt though that comes out isn’t for me.


I wander over to the entrance I think platform 14 is accessed from looking completely lost, when I gate randomly asked if I have a ticket. I show him and ask where the platform for Deansgate is and is it going to be 14? Yes and I’m given directions. It is then that way I walk, I know it is some way off.


As I wait for the train the building opposite gives me a feeling of reassurance, it reminds me of someone. The Chu Chu comes, it is packed and I stand, after all I’m only realy going up the railway a few stops.


I get off the train and head down the station steps I recognise, but once at the bottom I am at a lose of where to go, or where I’m meant to head. I get Google maps up and search for Alan and Zoe hoping Google would know and know accurately. Would it, I turn around holding my phone out. For a change they are both shown together, but where? I wander the street trying to get my bearings of which direction they are in.


Hold on they are in the bar across the road. Directly across the road.


I enter, they are all there sitting around a table looking well happy including birthday girl, it has only took me 4 hours to get here! It is lucky I love to travel, and there is no better destination than being with people you love when you get there.


So there are two people here I don’t know, but for whatever reason I don’t go into my normal shy shell like I would normally once more, instead I have a real good natter to Ian inparticular.


The Birthday cake is got out and luckily


whilst it originally looked like this


which birthday girl loved


And there was enough left for me Smile, without killing the characters she likes so much. As a bonus it wasn’t chocolate cake either.


The beer flowed and myself and Matt did a comedy sketch of Alas Smith and Jones. I’m not sure what Alan meant of this but it mattered not.


I’m not sure where the night disappeared too. I’m not sure where the hours went. It all seemed to pass so quickly. Perhaps it was because I was happy. And as we went to get into Matts car, Zoe told me to follow her, she had something to show me and off we went running in the cool of the night.


When we got back to the car Matt was destroying a poker table so that we could all fit in the car. I said I’d put it in the canal but that seemed to disapproved off. I got in the front of the car, weather I’d been left the front seat to prevent me being sick, or weather it was for the safety of those in the back I don’t know, but being in a car with Matt is fun, if sometimes very scary. Especially when no one seems to know the way home and we are doing U turn after U turn outside the Novatel. And whilst this was happening one was trying to use the heater controls, but in Italy it is always warm.


Eventually Matt gets us all home, and I guess we should all have gone to bed. Did we? Nope


Did I snore, apparently so.


But at some point I did go to bed, at some point I did take my cloths off, at some point I pondered


where is the the bucket………..

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