Saturday, May 09, 2015

Do You Like My New Glasses?


When I get up in the morning there is no one around. Not a sole. I reach for the Crunchy nut cornflakes, but there’s not many in there. I then reach for the rice crispies to top it up. But there's not may in that box too. I let Alan know that whilst he is out he may need some more.


I thought I’d better let him know I used his bread too.


And the fact the butter dish was empty too.


When they came back, Alan showed me the collection of cereal's in a draw. Those though are a, hidden in a draw I didn’t go in, and b are his expensive cereals. We head out to the town center for they are celebrating something at the Market Square.


I enjoy the walk but I’m on the lookout for a postbox. For I have something I need to post.


The town is quiet and I note to Zoe that I could do with going to the fancy dress shop later before we leave.


We go to the old jail house, opened up for VE day. Better still we get to go into the cell.


Which is really nice with the rats and everything.


There is a hole in the wall we are invited to look through,


On the other side is the drunkard cell. For people like, well not sober.


And there is the door, and the door to that cell is from the outside of the building. Afterall who wants them on the inside?


Outside the cell door can be seen here, and we are given a lecture on how good it was not to be a woman in those days. And if wanted the husband could easily have his wife put in a cell or worse if he reported her for the smallest things.


We headed into the market, where we had a mooch.


The flags were out and Alan and Zoe were going to have some dinner, a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea.


For me though, I was going to be healthy, I was going to the veg shop and I was going to have


a banana! Zoe though tucked into her sandwich making me most jealous.


I go to the sweet shop though when she leaves me and Alan to our own devices and gets rainbow sweets. Alan dissproves but only after he has tried one. A shop keeper asks if they might try one and I oblige.


We go to the cash converters, we go to the Heart Shop, we go in and out of many charity shops bumping into the same couple over and over again. And then I remember that there is a shop by Bakers I want to go in. A Gentlemen’s Relish.


Zoe rejoins us and we head towards the Fancy dress shop, first though they want a coffee, during which period I go to two more charity shops and guess who’s in there. I smile and say I’ll see them in the pub later that evening and they smile back. We make time to go to the Fancy dress shop but the costume I fancy they don’t have in XL. I pray that maybe I can get it on the web then and leave. We walk back slowly enjoying the warmth of the day, and once back at theirs I lie once more on the green grass I like so much,


I’m relaxing, I’m surfing, I should have brought my laptop and caught up with my bloggin but I didn’t. So it was on with the phone and I looked for


tyres for my Skoda. They need changing soon and they are not cheap for it. Remember never to buy a car with 17” plus wheels, the tyres become so much more expensive. At some point Alan and Zoe advise to get my butt of the grass as we are going out for tea to somewhere new and they stop serving soon so we are going.


A long enough walk later we are at a pub called the Dog and Partridge. A pub that serves food until 7pm unless you want food that is then they don’t. So tonight it is a liquid tea! Luciky the beer is good and


there is a pool table to keep us entertained.


And whilst playing I get some news of the pub across the road from where I live.


As the pool playing goes I was up to my usual standard. Good but not good enough! I was glad to here that George was going to make his way down, and so was Matt. Tonight was going to be a party night and the DJ had just turned up.


I swap glasses with Matt and as George comes in and joins me at the bar ask if he likes my new glasses. He says they're not new are they, they are the same ones you’ve always had! Now the pool playing continued and whilst Matts prescription is like mine its not exactly the same and your brain has to bend the picture you are seeing. And that hurts the head a bit. Not that it made any difference to the pool playing.


That was just as hilarious as it always was.


Matt was trying to focus, the balls aren't round I could hear him whispering.


And thus some played better than two others.


It was time to get something to eat and so me and Matt went to visit Mr Wong as recommend by Alan.


This is him, and he has been serving chips for some 37 years, he knows how to cook chips even to merry people. Not only did we meet Mr Wong though but also a musician. A musician who at first must have though we were taking the piss. But we weren’t, we were seriously interested in his art and what he did. What he did say though some people you can teach and some people you can teach an appreciation for music, but you can’t tell there parents and also where would your income be if you told them your daughter is useless and you shouldn't waste your time, my time or your money. I think he enjoyed the chat as much as us. eventually.


When we return to the pub things have moved on. Zoe is playing pool with many people, we are talking.


Matt and Kerry leave, they disappear and suddenly I remember, I recall, hell I’m still wearing Matt's glasses and he's still wearing mine, I shoot off to the car park in a mad dash panic running to the car that is heading for the exit  waving my arms like a loony. Kerry stops the car, and Matt winds his window down laughing, “I completely forgot!”


Inside the pub nobody is the wiser of anything. None of them noticed, and so I have given myself a headache for no reason. The lights though the DJ has got are great so I tell him and ask if he has got any KLF. Now this chap is as old as Alan’s dad, and the KLF he had not heard of. More to the point he told me that this was Karaoke, but would see if he had any or if he could get some.


The music didn’t improve so we left.


We walked down the A6 when we could have got a bus.


We walked past the church when we could have gone inside.


But when we got to the Blossoms we did enter, Zoe did give us permission to leave her to go home alone and so the night continued in our old favourite. For some reason the people at the bar didn’t want me to have a full pint of Old Tom. So I didn’t have an Old Tom at all.


Alan taught me and George and the rest of the pub how to play bar billiards.


And considering how well lubricated we all were and the fact we had an audience we played very well. But not according to Alan.


When we left I wanted a snack and so got us all to go to Luigis, Matt’s favourite establishment.


So we went in for a snack, we came out with two big pizzas, a big garlic bread, hash browns, chips and other stuff, lots of stuff. I was apparently the only one hungry.


Whilst we sat and ate, Zoe put on a new game, Destiny.


Another first person shooter, anything new, well it didn’t look like it.


But the pizza was good


and I got to enjoy Mr Tickle.

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