Thursday, May 28, 2015

Going Bold


Some how I slept through the alarm, by 1 1/2 hours! The train is due any moment, I won't be using the train today.


I get some breakfast and then reach for the car keys


I hope the motorway is empty, after all it is half term.


Follox wuck bank


Sometime later after a telephone call to say I’m coming in I’m nearly there.


I've arrived, the car park impressively empty.


I wander on up tot he office to start the day.


At dinner time I do some research into the Windows Live Writer Issue. I didn’t realise I wasn’t the only person using it for writing their bloggs. It looks like the whole Blogger community is using it to write their bloggs. The world is an amazing place, when you think something isn’t when it is, even though it shouldn’t be. This is good for together as a group this may change things, it may, or it may not.


At home I look at my tyres. I know they are so close to the end of their life thats its time to say


they need to be replaced. Goodbye Goodyear Efficiency Grip


You have been so good, lasted so long, and given unbelievable grip throughout the journey.


And I start the search for two new Goodyear Vector 4 Season tyres or the equivalent. I click the buy it now button and 2 new front tyres for the Skoda are ordered to be fitted to my car on my dad’s drive in a weeks time. Ooch at £113.04 each. But then that is £20 per a tyre cheaper than last time!

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