Monday, May 18, 2015

I can’t be brought


Monday I step outside the door and its wet, really wet. For the first time I put the hood up on my blue coat and look at my 20 year old Mx5.


Today I need to insure her. But to do that I need the mileage reading.


I get it and then head to work.


I mull the thought over whilst I wait in the rain at the station.


At work my mind is taken off this until I call them at dinner time and give them my credit card number, and then I just sit and look at the new pen I’ve been sent in the post with a catalogue. Now I usually can’t be brought that easily, usually it takes a mug but


Wholly cow this pen lights up! That's it I’m brought.


I’m in the mood for some reading on the way home and story starts to unfold, although I’m not sure why. Oh yes the love story has just been brought out.


And when I get home, in the letter box in the door I have some Lemon Tree seeds. My mom seems to have claimed the one I had back at home, so lets try and grow another.

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