Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I give You Sunshine


If yesterday was nice to walk today is even nicer.


I look up Les and give you sunshine.


If only London Midland would give us a train. According tot he sign it has arrived!


And I’ve turned plenty more pages since yesterday. the text maybe small, the pages may be a hell of a lot for me, but we are picking up speed now.


And then I read the metro and the Edinburgh festival. I’m not surprised really, that is reality.


This morning I couldn’t get out of bed and when I did, I couldn’t be arsed to make my salad. So luckily I have come to the fish and chip shop for dinner again. Thangod for this place.


On the way home the train is late again. But once more that give me more time to flick though the pages.


As I sit on the train I decide I’ve had enough reading and for change switch on the music machine on my phone.


I so love this song, it let's my mind wander, it let's my soul dream, sometimes I never want to stop, sometimes I want to continue the journey to Neverland, for there it is such a wonderous place to be .....


And whilst I listen I take the silent photos of people on their phones. They are everywhere, but not here.


Once home I ponder what is for tea. I still have 3 Easter eggs to eat, and a whole load of non alcoholic beer to guzzle.


And then I consider planting my seeds that have come in the post. Put as I say I only consider.

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