Friday, May 15, 2015

I never seen a white one


An uneventful morning, and the best thing is a read of metro. I do so lie sometimes.


Dinner time see’s the usual three of us head to the chip shop for some banter and then to eat it in the park. I’d like to think we burn some of the calories in all the walking we do, but I don’t think that happens in reality. Home time comes and I’m all psyched up to do some plastering which I was meant to have done during the week. As it happens though my phone rings whilst I’m desperately putting my trainers on to go and catch the train. I don’t answer and decide to call him once I’m on the train.


By the time I’m on the train and call him he tells me that he is in the area and was going to pick me up. In fact right at this moment he is in the Tesco car park. I tell him I’m getting of at Witton then. I get off and walk around the small centre and through the Tesco foyer and into the car park, there he is. I climb in and smile, it is good to see him. And with that I ask him if we can go and get a mirror I've won on eBay as we are in a car. And so we head to Cheslyn Hay.


We collect the mirror and then head around mine where I say I will cook dinner. Sometime later dinner is finally cooked. It took me long enough to find something as Les doesn't like chilli, which is the staple bit of my diet. After dinner I suggest he stays the night and we try a pub. He declines the offer but is keen to keep me company whilst I try a new local pub out. Google says its okay and has a pool table.


A walk up the hill to the north and then left at the lights and another long jaunt and we arrive. It called the white lion? When have you ever seen a white lion?


The pub was friendly and landlord most welcoming. Whilst only two ales on he was doing his best to ensure that the drinks we had where of the finest quality. Les couldn’t get over the price of a round and was eager to come again. The locals were friendly and chips even came out to share.


After several pints by me it was time to go, well Les insisted, I was happy to stay. And to get home we followed Google to cut the corner off. And so that pub isn’t so far away.

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