Wednesday, May 06, 2015

If Your In Stockport Can You Give Me a Lift?


I get up, I’m awake anyway, the sun is already shining as I open the curtains. I get some breakfast quick, get in the car and set up the satnav. We are off northbound up the M6, nice and quiet, and for a long drive the weather is refreshingly nice, nice to drive to the ambush.


I get to Scotch corner and call the assistant, and whilst I do I site and not have a cup of coffee, nope that is tea.


As expected the ambush got hot and tasty, and I got stressed, if there’s something I’m not good at its being ambushed, thankgod for the assistant, thankgod for being kicked out for a bit. Things were bad but not as bad as they first appeared. There was light. We left eventually some 4 hours later, and as I got in the car the mood of the clouds changed to much of the mood up her, and in my head. They got dark, they got heavy, and then it rained and it rained hard. It rained the whole way back, but I stopped midway at Stockport for two things.


One thing that didn’t stop though was the rain, wet, wet, wet. When I got out the car and dropped off a card and present for Rosie, the rain was a specially hard downpour, as if timing was everything and the timing of getting out of the car was the wrong timing. Still it is here now and she has something to open Friday.


The other was to get my messy and now very wet mop cut. So often I have said when my mop is out of control I would get it cut on the Saturday whilst at Alan's and Zoë's. But it never happens and the mop just gets moppier! Today though I stop and head into Shaw Health Barber's. This wasn’t the one I was aiming for but saw it. I looked for somewhere to park down the back streets and walked round and in. I ask if he’s got time to sort me out, and he duly says he has, not that there is anyone else in there. And as things go, this was the friendliest barbers I’ve been to. I don’t mention I’m not well, that might put them off. Instead we spend a good time nattering about things, a natter I would normal feel quiet uncomfortable to do with a barber and an audience, but today there was no audience just us.


When I came out I gave Zoe a quick call to see if she was working home office and wanted to share a cup of tea. As it happens there was no answer. I noticed there was a message on my answer phone, no doubt my boss so I ignored it, it was however not. I took the car to the Texaco petrol station across the road from the barbers and filled up. It was time once more to fly down the road.


As I reached Stafford I thought of calling in my brothers. I got there but no one was in. I called him and he answered saying he had walked it rahter than cycling it today. I say I will meet him but to note the car isn’t my usual ride. I meet him he jumps in and we head back to his, where I admire his mowing and rest on the sofa where I can make a space.


He can see I’m tired, he can see I want feeding and so he orders a pizza online, on his prehistoric Apple something or other. I ravish it down and rest a while.


But truly alI I want to do now is go home and go to bed and sleep for a thousand days.

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