Thursday, May 07, 2015

If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything.



As things go Thursday was altogether a better day. went to work in the car, came home on the late train. some things never change.


Just like the tiling in the subway. Just how long does it take? It takes a long time to tile a bathroom, but a subway? This art must be really inspirational, really something.


When I get home there is something left for me in the kitchen, something I need, something I looked for at Waitross the other day. Sometimes my parents are good, they do listen. I’m in shock.


My emergency batch of Only the Lonely pants have suddenly come on very well. They suddenly need replanting.


And what's more, the hard to grow plants, one of them is actually growing, but what is it? Is it Bamboo, or is it a palm tree?


I search the house for my card, and whilst I know I don’t need it to vote I do need it to find the polling station. I call a taxi, but to my embarrassment the polling station is in my back garden, well not literally but very close!


across the road someone is trying to influence me, just me and only me. I know it, it is the rule of the KLF at work again.


I enter the community centre, which is a bungalow oddly.


I consider the options and give a sign of despair. what this country needs is a change, but I know we wont get it, afterall the boys club is rigged in favour of the boys and I would do the same. I leave to go home, I head down the back alley and here I am! Once inside the front door, which really was a 30 second walk, I should I pack, like I always consider. Do I though?

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