Tuesday, May 19, 2015

In life I make so many mistakes, this is just one more


This morning Cannock center is looking lovely. Its a quaint place sometimes.


The flowers are out and so is the sun.


I take the grave yard route to the station.


Once on board I sit relax and get my book out.


I'm still churning though the pages now, this might be one of the best I've read, better than the KLF but in a totally different manner. I may never want to read another Copland! 

When I get to work I get my Eins Zwel DIY pen out, he has just done the "routine" I saw in Edinburgh last year. I try the number I have tried so many times, and you know what?


The phone was answered. Mr Trimmers answered and yes he can do my MX5 hood but I'd have to wait until the Thursday 13th August. I consider a long weekend and having it done on the Friday. That is okay, and yes he can do me a green one with a heat rear window for £290 fitted, which is somewhat £300 less expensive than anyone else. I'm willing to wait, but will the hood I have now last that long?

I eat my salad whilst enjoying the thought of spending what I shouldn't. It work out and carry on munching.

It is good to leave work, but really only because I want to see where the story is going.

Where will it end?

Well I stop at part 3. Tomorrow I will continue.

At home i make some pasta, and whilst looking through the freezer initially to decide what to get for tea I see there are 5 onion rings, which I nip into the oven and close the door. I enjoy the pasta and head upstairs to my PC. A while later I decide on a cup of tea and head down to the kitchen. I open the door and consider what is all this smoke?? Oh my the onion rings I'd forgotten about.

I quickly closed the kitchen door before the smoke alarm went off, turned the extractor fan on, and opened the window followed by the oven door. are they still edible I consider? And have a munch on one. The first just tasted BBQ'ed and in a way yummy. The others though were hard coal like charcoal.

And with that I settle down stairs whilst the kitchen 'airs', and watch the last of the running Big Bang Theory's.

Once that is over I open my latest parcel only to realise I'd brought the GTA IV guide and not the GTA V guide. No wonder it was a bargain! In life I make so many mistakes, this is just one more.

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